Fadel Soliman’s Response to Sh. Anwar Al-awlaki/ English

Published on Wednesday December 30th, 2015 by fadel

In an interview published recently by Al-Qaeda, Sheikh Anwar Alawlaki gave theological grounds for targeting civilians in airplanes, depending on his understanding of some sayings for Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
In this clip, Fadel Soliman resorts to the explanation of the Islamic scholars for these Prophetic sayings to refute Sh. Anwar’s misleading opinion. Fadel also admonishes Sh. Anwar not to defame the name of the Prophet and calls upon him to retract what he said and clear himself of this opinion.


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  • Naeem Ismail 2 years ago

    Aslkm,excellent analysis Sh,I just had a conversation yesterday with a young man who said I was being unjust to Awlaki by attributing this kind of thinking to him,he said awlakis words were taken out of context….jzkl


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