Palace of Westminster, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben on the bank of the River Thames, London, illuminated at night and reflected in the river below

Evening Standard : Statement on the Westminster horrific crime

As scholars, imams, academics and researchers of Muslim faith, we offer our condolences for the atrocities that were committed last Wednesday in London against innocent civilians, and we also wish to voice our concerns about all the other barbaric acts that have been committed in the name of Islam.

The sanctity of human life is a belief that is clearly enshrined in Islam and in all heavenly revealed religions. It is also part of the human instinct and predisposition.

This is the right time for us all to work together to achieve global harmony and peace. Islamic history is a testament to that co-existence, which all the communities living under its canopy enjoyed until the present day.
All of us want to maintain that legacy and avoid entering into civilisational and generational conflicts which will only shed the blood of innocent men, women and children.

​Zuber Karim, Abul Kalam Azad, Arnold Yasin Mol, Fadel Soliman, Yahya Adel Ibrahim, Mohammad Sohail Ashfaque, Zubair Farooq Akhtar, Abu Bakr Isakjee, Asif Abdur-Rehman and Aqif Naqash

Source : It’s time to rethink how we should combat terrorism