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HOW TO DE-RADICALISE AN EXTREMIST (one day workshop in Leeds)

HOW TO DE-RADICALISE AN EXTREMIST A one day workshop by Fadel Soliman Learn: – How to differentiate between an extremist and a devout Muslim – How to dialogue with an extremist – How to de-radicalise a young radical – The main differences between ISIS fiqh & mainstream fiqh – How Terrorist organizations manipulate the Quran […]

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How to refute misconceptions about Islam – 2 day workshop

This workshop is designed for those who wish to take it a step further into understanding Islam. It deals with the misconceptions surrounding Islam today. It offers the answer to questions such as “Is Islam an anti-Semitic religion?” or “Are women discriminated and oppressed in Islam?” or “Did Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) really kill 700 Jews?” […]

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How to present Islam – Online course

The Arts of Da’wa | Level 1 : How to present Islam Register for the online course with Bridges Global for 29.99 GBP It is time for you to present Islam! The Course Covers: Presentation Skills and Public Speaking Skills: – How to Talk with impact on the audience. – How to connect with the […]

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How to de-radicalize an extremist – One Day Workshop

Unreliable sources have made Islam, by far, the most misunderstood religion in the world, and there is no doubt that the most misunderstood concept in Islam, is JIHAD. In this workshop Fadel Soliman explains how to radicalize an extremist and the following: The concept of Jihad; it’s meaning, types, etiquette How extremist organizations deceive Muslim […]

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