Bridges First Online Tarbeya Workshop


“The Purification of the Heart”

8 week workshop

English lectures:Sundays @14:00 Istanbul time

Arabic lectures:Sundays @11:00 Istanbul time

Starts on the 21st February

Facebook event page:

What to expect from this workshop?

1-Attending the lectures & consistently doing your 1 hour daily homework, can change your life forever, inshAllah

2-A different relationship with the Quran through learning Tadabor (reflection)

3-Praying with Khushu’ (consciousness of Allah)

4-Practicing Azhkar (remembrance)in a way that comforts the soul.

The workshop will be broadcasted through satellite link on a Cisco platform. henceforth to share the costs of the workshop, users must pay £20 GBP ( please multiply it to sponsor others who may need scholarship).

To pay using your card on paypal: