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Al-Ahram Weekly: Faces of Islam; Fadel Soliman

Published in Al-Ahram Weekly on 07 – 09 – 2006 Fadel Soliman: Faces of Islam In the wake of 9/11, a successful computer engineer and marketing expert decides to dedicate every last iota of his time and skill to presenting a positive image of his creed. An Islamic Da’wa activist and Imam of the American University in […]

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Ahram Hebdo Le combatant d'Islamophobie

Al-Ahram Hebdo: Le combattant de l’islamophobie

Ingénieur et ancien imam à l’Université américaine à Washington, Fadel Soliman est l’initiateur de la fondation Bridges (ponts) visant à rectifier l’image de l’islam. Pour lui, le 11 Septembre 2001 fut un vrai tournant dans sa vie. Le combattant de l’islamophobie « Al-Islam howa al-hal » (l’islam est la solution), « Illa rassoula Allah » (tout sauf […]

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How and Why The Daily Mail Attacked Me? Part 1

How and Why The Daily Mail Attacked Me? Part 1

If you read in a newspaper that a cleric is touring British universities, telling students to beat up women, defending sex slavery, and promoting polygamy, and you don’t get angered by that or feel threatened, then you must book an appointment with a psychologist immediately. Astonishingly, I have been accused by The Daily Mail of […]

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HOW TO DE-RADICALISE AN EXTREMIST (one day workshop in Leeds)

HOW TO DE-RADICALISE AN EXTREMIST A one day workshop by Fadel Soliman Learn: – How to differentiate between an extremist and a devout Muslim – How to dialogue with an extremist – How to de-radicalise a young radical – The main differences between ISIS fiqh & mainstream fiqh – How Terrorist organizations manipulate the Quran […]

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Does Islam discriminate against women? Part 4

In Islam, when a woman marries, she retains her family name; her identity, and her possessions. However, the taking of a husbands surname, which is widely practiced today by those of other faiths and cultures, is rooted in the fact that historically, when a woman married a man, she became his property; just as a […]

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University of Sheffield Islamic Circle’s Press Release Regarding Fadel Soliman

University of Sheffield Islamic Circle’s Press Release Regarding the Defamatory Daily Mail Article on Fadel Soliman On the 9th January, the Daily Mail released an article about Dr Shaykh Fadel Soliman, apparently spreading extremist views at a number of University Campuses in the UK. In the online version of their article, a clip was shared […]

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Media release: Defamatory Daily Mail article

On the 9th of January 2016, the Daily Mail published an article about me, which was wrong and defamatory. They misrepresented me sourcing videos that I had produced to counter misconceptions about Islam, and the Daily Mail’s hurled many scurrilous allegations at me. I responded to each and every allegation in correspondence written by my […]

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Does Islam discriminate against women? Part 3

Due to some recent events that we have heard about in the media, regarding girls being attacked by fanatics for going to school, some people have begun to think that Islam does not allow females the right to education.  Actually, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In Islam, seeking knowledge is an obligation  on […]

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Does Islam discriminate against women? Part 2

There was a very significant event which took place in the lifetime of the prophet (pbuh) in which he received information that an army of 4000 were heading towards Medina to attack the Muslims. The prophet gathered his companions; male and female alike, and asked for their opinion whether they should fight the army outside […]

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How to refute misconceptions about Islam – 2 day workshop

This workshop is designed for those who wish to take it a step further into understanding Islam. It deals with the misconceptions surrounding Islam today. It offers the answer to questions such as “Is Islam an anti-Semitic religion?” or “Are women discriminated and oppressed in Islam?” or “Did Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) really kill 700 Jews?” […]

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