How to refute misconceptions about Islam – 2 day workshop

This workshop is designed for those who wish to take it a step further into understanding Islam. It deals with the misconceptions surrounding Islam today. It offers the answer to questions such as “Is Islam an anti-Semitic religion?” or “Are women discriminated and oppressed in Islam?” or “Did Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) really kill 700 Jews?” and so on. The workshop covers the following topics:
Basics of answering questions of non Muslims
How to answer any question?
Understanding our own religion from a new perspective

Refuting misconceptions about Prophet Muhammad
His marriages
Having a 9 years old wife
Killing 700 Jews
And more

Refuting misconceptions about Women
Do women Inherit less than men?
Are they forced to wear Hijab?
Created from a crooked rib?!
Imperfect in mind and religion
And more

Refuting General misconceptions:
Is Islam is anti-semitic?
Is the Kaaba an idol that Muslims worship?
Does Islam motivate suicide bombing and terrorism?
What is the Holy War?
Do Muslims believe that the Bible was corrupted?